Who are we?

HY-Power Flexomatic Bijeljina

HY-POWER was founded as hydraulic and tube specialized company by Richard Gunacker in 1986.

Several engineering activities caused, that HY-POWER was commissioned to develop a stationary rail lubrication system by the Wiener Linien (tramway). This development caused the first patent – “Bedarfsgerechte, stationäre Schienenschmierung”.

16 different patents, which have been published and issued worldwide, followed. Company HY-POWER Flexomatic distinguishes himself as a specialist in the areas hydraulic engineeringlubrication technology, mechanical engineering, tribology and additionally as developer and producer for niche products (e.g. pellet accessories) and consulting solutions in IT.

The development department created new ideas and product by merging electronics, sensorics and processor programming.

Costumer orientated individual software and IoT solutions, business solutions – IT networks, organisational-, monitoring-software, 3D models and CAD drawings have been a logical consequence of our development activities.

Several branches have been founded over the years in Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Mexico and Bosnia.
Many exclusive dealers have been activated in more then 30 countries to secure the worldwide distribution of HY-POWER products.

We are, as the specialist for special mechanical engineering with innovative and intelligent IT solutions, worldwide the ideal and solution orientated partner to realize individual costumer requirements in several areas and sectors.

2014 - 2016.
Patent registration for 'Flange lubrication device'. Patent registration for 'Top-of-rail conditioning device'.
Establishment of another company location in AT / Böheimkirchen.
Moving the company from Tullnerbach to Pressbaum / Lower Austria. Development of a new processor control (web connection).
Founding of a company in Spain. Certification of our company according ISO 9001:2008 (11679/0). Selling of the division 'hose trading'.
Founding of a company in Mexico.
2006 - 2008.
Patent registration for 'application of lubricants on the top of rail'.
Founding of a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Patent registration for 'Distribution of lubricant in grooved rail'.
2002 - 2006.
Patent registration for 'a method of controlling the release of lubricants'.
Moving the company to Lower Austria / Tullnerbach.
1999 - 2002.
Patent registration for 'movable feed nozzles'. Partnership with the company 'Lubriqip' in the USA.
Founding of a company in Sweden.
Founding of a company in Slovakia.
Fusing with the company 'Flexomatic' (hose specialist).
Changed the company name to 'HY-POWER'. Moving the company from the 3rd to the 15th district of Vienna. Founding of a research and development department in the 23rd district in Vienna.
1990 - 1992.
Patent registration for 'needs-based rail lubrication'.
Development order of the 'Wiener Linien': 'Development of a needs-based stationary rail lubrication system'.
The company was based in 3rd district in Vienna. The business was trading with hydraulic components and hose technology with the motto 'all from one partner'. Richard Gunacker has founded the company 'G+S Hydraulik'.